• Vehicle dynamics
  • Aeromodelling
  • Robotics

Vehicle dynamics

Creativity and Designing are playing a major role in attracting clients and customers in every field including engineering. Along with designing Vehicle Dynamics would also contribute in manufacturing a vehicle with better performance. The interest of young guns of engineering in designing is also increasing day-by-day.

To serve their interest and give them a forward push, Ra VitarkaPvt.Ltd has come up with the proposal for a workshop in CAD Designing and Vehicle Dynamics for the students of Engineering, who think and dream about nothing but Automobile.

Ra VitarkaPvt.Ltd TEAM have a great experience and proving their capability and will to work many a times.

Now keeping its pace with the tradition of Automobiles, The company board members, have successfully being gaining its routes over the production level and even organizing the grand level automotive events such as STUDENT MOTOCROSS CHAMIPONSHIP for the engineering minds all around the country.

The present proposed event will be a Workshop in which, students will learn how to design various components of automobiles and assess their performance using different CAD software’s.



Day - 1 Design

  • Introduction to software(CATIA V5 R21, SOLIDWORKS, ANSYS)
  • Basics of sketcher and part design module
  • Introduction to Assembly of parts
  • Basics of frame designing
  • Analysis of frame
  • Introduction to Sheet metal design
  • Surfacing
  • Ergonomics Analysis
  • DMU kinematics study
  • Introduction to Rendering



  • Vehicle Fixed Coordinate System
  • Earth Fixed Coordinate System
  • Kerb Wt ,Dry Wt,Gross Wt,Tare wt
  • Location of CG And Dynamic Force
2) E&T:

  • Introduction
  • Engine
  • Power Train
  • Approach to Get Limited acceleration and Velocity

3) Brake System :

  • Introduction
  • Types
  • Drum & Disc
  • Brake Performance
  • Triangle Brake Factor

4) Steering System:

  • Introduction And Type
  • Steering Torque
  • Caster Angle
  • Steering Angle
  • Turning Radius

5) Suspension System :

  • Introduction
  • Terminology
  • Design and Calculation

6) Design For Manufacturing
7) DVP


We ensure that you will find our training programs extremely beneficial for your students. If you have any queries kindly get back to us.

We are looking forward to a quick and positive response from you and a long term association with your esteemed organization.

What is Aeromodelling?

Aeromodelling is the design, construction and flying of model airplanes, helicopters and rockets.

About Aircraft Designing:

This program is dedicated to learn the technology behind making of aircrafts. It helps and encourages the participants to solve real time problem involved in making of glider aircraft.

Aircraft Designing:
Model aircraft are flying or non-flying small sized replicas of existing or imaginary aircraft using a variety of materials including paper, plastic, metal, synthetic resins, wood, foam and fibreglass. The most commonly types are balsa wood,Coro sheet, polystyrene and card stock. For our program we use Coro sheet & balsa wood for designing of Glider Aircraft.

Aircraft Designing (Chuck Gliders):

Chuck gliders are the easiest to make and the best way learn about the principles of flight and aeromodelling. This Aeromodelling program will include a lecture on the principles of flight explained with the help of basic concepts of physics and is suitable for students of all groups. The participants are then provided an aeromodelling kit and guided to build a chuck glider. This will help them understand the theory in a better way thereby giving a complete learning experience. The participants are taught techniques on safety precautions in handling of tools and ways and means of making their glider more efficient to ensure a longer flight. The overall experience will educate the kids about amazing principles of physics which make an aircraft fly in a much practical fashion.

Why Learn Aeromodelling?

Aeromodelling is one of the world’s finest hobbies & an art of making various types of aircraft models which can actually fly. Aeromodelling is a wonderful form of self-expression that gradually leads you to a successful career as a Pilot, Aircraft Designer, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Aero-Space Engineer etc. It is both a Hobby and an International Sport Model aviation’s power to excite the imagination and generate enthusiasm has made it a truly international activity with many thousands of participants and hundreds of ongoing activities worldwide.

Aeromodelling can help in the overall development of a child in following ways:

  • Building a flying model gives great sense of ACHIEVEMENT, HIGH CONFIDENCE & SELF ESTEEM.
  • It Ignites the RIGHT-BRAIN ACTIVITY of a child and promotes better learning.
  • Construction & Flying of model planes helps in practical understanding of PRINCIPLES OF FLIGHT
  • Helps the students to understand all the basic fundamental PRINCIPLES OF FLIGHT, how and why an aircraft flies.
  • Students get trained in life to COPE UP WITH FAILURE while repairing damaged flying models
  • Educates young kids to a exciting field of science, trains them to live a life full of THRILL & EXCITEMENT.
  • Aeromodelling give Kids a reason to be CREATIVE & ACTIVE and spend more time on the field and less at the TV box.
  • Student stands out of the crowd with this special skill
  • A very small percent of people around them actually know something about flights & they become a role model for other kids in their class / community.

Topics to be covered in program:

Course I: Introduction to Aeromodelling

  •  Introduction to Aeromodelling
  •  A brief introduction about modelling Aeroplanes -Static and Flying models
  •  Explore different categories - Free Flight, Powered Free Flight, Control Line and Radio-Control Flying
  •  Materials in Aeromodelling
  •  An Introduction to Glider & Flight
  •  What Makes Planes Fly?
  •  Overview of Flight Control Surfaces
  •  Theory of Flight
  •  Understanding the Wings & its Importance.
  •  Basic Terminologies

  List of hands on models:

  •  Chuck glider
  •  Propeller powered glider
  •  Bottle rocket
  •  Ornithopter
  •  Boomerang
  •  Coro sheet glider

Course II: Advanced Aeromodelling:

  •  Design and fabrication of balsa wing with ribs and studs
  •  Design and fabrication of foam wing with foam cutter technique
  •  Design and fabrication of a complete R/C plane frame from coro sheet

Process Guidelines:

  •  We want your association with us to make this program big success.
  •  Date of conducting the program can be finalized by conversation with casa grande Secretary according to the Students feasibility.
  •  The entire program will be conducted at casa grande.
  •  Each student participating in the program will get a certificate of achievement.

Course Duration:

The duration of this program will be 6 days and2-3 hours session in a day.

Certificate Policy:

  • Certificate of achievement for all the program participants from Raven aerial Technologies.
  • At the end of this program, a small competition will be organized among the participating students and winners will be awarded with a 'Certificate of Excellence'.


This program is best suited for any Students


We ensure that you will find our training programs extremely beneficial for your students.

If you have any queries kindly get back to us.
We are looking forward to a quick and positive response from you and a long term association with your esteemed organization.


Ra-Vitarka Pvt Ltd offers Robotics course specifically designed for recent graduates and candidates looking to establish a career in core industry. Ra-Vitarka Pvt Ltd inculcates its decades of experience in teaching core subjects to aspiring students in devising a curriculum that covers the latest theoretical aspects as well as practical knowledge which is essential for better understanding.

we have highly qualified faculty and advanced Training kits. Our Training course will facilitate the students to get hands-on experience in latest technology and improves,

  • Problem solving skills
  • Creative and lateral Thinking
  • Ability to Research and Development

We like to accept challengers and we like to express it by providing robotics training to everyone, whoever it may be either a school student or an engineering student or an arts and science college student or a non-technical people or a housewife. The only thing we prefer is the passion for robotics. If you are above 9 years of age, then we will make you develop your first robot with ease.

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